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My husband and I grew up in Hohenwald since adolescence. We met in Hohenwald as kids but reconnected as adults, marrying only a few months later.  Now, 16 years have passed, 2 children and a lifetime of adventures, we have found ourselves getting into renovating houses. We love watching the old, dilapidated houses have purpose again! We left our full-time corporate jobs to fulfill our passion in flipping houses. Recently, we have kept a couple of the properties to share as short-term rentals. The one in Hohenwald is near to my heart as this is my hometown, where childhood memories, some good, some bad, will always be with me. Our families are still in Hohenwald, so we are here often.  We hope you will enjoy this space we have thoughtfully recreated for others to enjoy. Much sweat, labor and thought were poured into this house to change this home into what it has become. We hope you can enjoy this home as much as we have! 

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